United Way 2021 Campaign Training >>

Welcome to the team! As an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC), you will lead your company’s campaign efforts. Use this guide to learn how to run a campaign, whether it’s virtual or in-person.

As an ECC, YOU have the chance to create excitement among your co-workers and drive lasting change in our Greater St. Louis region. Together, we are Helping Here.

How does United Way Help?

An overview of how United Way has been helping people live their best possible lives and the issues we tackle.  

What is the United Way Campaign?

Get a glimpse of why the United Way campaign has successfully helped people in the St. Louis area for almost 100 years.

United Way campaign 2021

See how our network of local nonprofits and your support will help during this year’s campaign.

Campaign Calendar

We know what it takes to make a campaign successful (even if you’re running it virtually)! Visualize what a typical two-week campaign looks like and inform your strategy.

Prepare for launch

View this checklist to help you prepare for launch, successfully.

Virtual campaign solutions

Learn how you can incorporate virtual events into your campaign strategy to keep your co-workers engaged as things may look a little different.

Running an in-office campaign

These ideas will help as you brainstorm for campaign for the “new NEW normal” while back in the office.

Communications and social media

Authenticity is key, which means speaking from the heart will better connect your employees to the cause. See the best ways (well, we think so) you can share information.

Make the ask

The #1 reason people don’t give is because they weren’t asked. Use our tips to help you share the word and taking the first steps to make the ask.

United Young Leaders

Connect the next generation of local leaders and philanthropists through giving, volunteerism, and professional development.

Leadership Giving

Leadership Giving accounts for a significant portion of our annual campaign and we’ll teach you why this is so important (for your campaign and your employees)!

Wrap up campaign

Add up your campaign total, finish communications, and take a deep breath – you crossed the finish line! Learn how to wrap up pledge processing this year.

Don’t forget the ‘thanks’

44% of donors say they wouldn’t mind receiving a personalized thank-you email. It’s that simple to show your appreciation! (And of course, United Way says THANK YOU for all your hard work!)