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We’re happy to have you on board for United Way’s campaign! Let’s get to know United Way – who we are, who we help, and how you can explain our mission to your team.



Although COVID-19 brought new challenges for many, these challenges are further exacerbated for others. With United Way’s strong nonprofit safety net system, we help fuel services and programs that assist people facing poverty, hardship, or adversity in accessing needed resources to survive and thrive.

Because United Way supports a safety net of agencies, your co-workers, your company’s and your United Way gift helps give local families the tools and resources they need to stay healthy, access education, have their basic needs met and become financially stable.

It takes a united effort – nonprofit efforts coupled with multisector collaborations – to improve outcomes and impacts across our community. Supporting the nonprofit safety net system builds a strong foundation now and into our future. Learn more about the local nonprofits we fund; see our list of safety net agencies. 



United Way of Greater St. Louis leverages partnerships and our strong network of safety net nonprofits to strategically invest in programs and services that meet our community’s pressing and emerging needs.

These span across five major impact areas:

Foster Learning

8,802 children and youth improved their academic performance

Our goal is to help children feel nurtured and ready to learn, helping increase graduation rates and productivity. We believe that when children succeed, our whole community succeeds.

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Provide Food & Shelter

37.1 million meals were distributed

Helping people with basic needs positions individuals and families for independence, ultimately strengthening our community. United Way 2-1-1 plays a vital role, connecting individuals with resources to meet their needs.

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Improve Health

34,989 people experienced fewer negative mental, emotional and/or behavioral symptoms

Our partner nonprofits not only eliminate barriers and help people live independently and productively, but they also make positive impacts on the emotional well-being of individuals and families.

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Establish Financial Stability

26,730 people obtained job readiness skills.

We believe those with a secure financial footing are less likely to require other services and more likely to succeed. We provide education, training and resources to break the poverty cycle and position families to be financially stable in the long term.

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Strengthen Communities

8,980 service projects were completed

We’re here to help our region with everyday needs as well as unexpected needs, like disaster relief, whether it’s an entire neighborhood, one street, or one family.

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Our COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 has brought extreme changes to our daily lives. Suddenly, an unprecedented number of neighbors were confronted with unimaginable circumstances, stemming from job and wage loss to lack of access to food, shelter, childcare, and healthcare. But we were here for our community. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, United Way has invested more than $1.2 million through emergency response grants to nonprofits serving people throughout the St. Louis region. We are also providing direct support and assistance through United Way 2-1-1, our 24/7 call center. We continue to work every day to make our region stronger, safer and healthier.  


Our Impact During COVID-19

When COVID-19 came to our community, United Way was there to respond immediately. We were there to help our local nonprofits meet new and growing demands. When our neighbors had nowhere else to turn, they could turn to us.

From food drives to helping those who lost work, from utility loans to emergency daycare, our nonprofit safety net was there for the needs that arose. Our United Way 2-1-1’s call volume has nearly doubled year over year in calls for help – and we’ve worked tirelessly to connect callers to resources. In times of crisis, we’re committed to standing by our community and offering help where it’s needed most.

“All of us are impacted, but for our clients, the issues they’ve been dealing with – finding housing, employment, treatment and other resources – they’re even harder to come by now. The vulnerable population we work with is even more vulnerable during this pandemic.” – St. Patrick Center

Read about our impact during the first phase of our emergency funding and share these numbers with your co-workers!

“We have the power to ensure our future is better than our past and our present”

– Michelle D. Tucker, our President and CEO


Our Mission

United Way of Greater St. Louis mobilizes the community one goal in mind – helping people live their best possible lives. Visit our Who We Are page to learn more about how we make sure this happens in (and outside) our offices.

A Racial Equity Lens

United Way applies a racial equity lens to better understand how needs are experienced differently by varying racial groups. This helps us make funding decisions that consider the role race plays in meeting needs. Our weighted formula emphasizing racial equity, depth and breadth of services, outcomes, and alignment with community needs allows us to distribute funds more equitably throughout our region. Learn more.


We Believe in Leading With Impact

Every day, United Way answers the call to help our Missouri and Illinois neighbors in need by leading with impact. Through a powerful mix of community generosity, understanding needs, and making strategic investments into programs and services that meet needs and achieve outcomes, we are creating a stronger, healthier, and more equitable region.

Pro tip: Share our Leading With Impact report with your employees through your Intranet, company newsletter or social channels. #WeAreAllUnited

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