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Community champions. Philanthropists. Regional leaders.


Who are Leadership Givers?

Leadership Givers are individuals that make a gift of $1,000 or more, helping to quickly make an impact in our community and campaign goal. This growing community of more than 7,000 members is committed to making a difference every day throughout our region.


Why SHould Your Campaign Focus on Leadership Giving?

Leadership Giving accounts for a significant portion of our annual campaign and provides donors with opportunities to connect with one another. A Leadership Giver’s generous gift can help feed a child, keep a family in their home and give an elderly person independence. Each gift does so much to help others.



Companies and ECCs looking to maintain and grow their base of major donors giving at the Leadership level ($1,000 or above) can implement this as a best practice into their campaign strategy to engage Leadership Givers and de Tocqueville donors through targeted efforts about one week before the company’s official United Way kickoff.


Show how a $1,000 gift can change a life:

  • ►  1 transitional apartment for a homeless family, utilities and budget classes
  • ►  1 substance use prevention program to a school
  • ►  2 families in crisis with food for a month
  • ►  3 children with after-school tutoring for a month

Share the Benefits of Leadership Giving

  • ✓ Learn about community issues and how your dollars are at work to keep our region’s safety net strong
  • ✓ See firsthand how your investment helps local people
  • ✓ Gain new skills and bolster your reputation on committees and by volunteering
  • ✓ Meet and connect with like-minded community leaders
  • ✓ Be part of a nationally ranked group of philanthropists
  • ✓ Gain new business and career opportunities by demonstrating community leadership
  • ✓ Get recognized by your company and United Way for your generosity and commitment

Incorporate Leadership Giving

Your company’s employees joining at the Leadership level has multiple benefits: increases your impact, develops camaraderie among employees, and builds excitement around the campaign. Here are four expert tips to organizing Leadership Giving at your company.

  1. Gain CEO or top management support.
  2. Host an informational event to encourage and ask for participation at the leadership level.
  3. Hold a special breakfast or lunch for current and potential Leadership Givers.
    Bonus: Do a lunch ‘n’ learn and share some facts about United Way!
  4. Recognize Leadership Givers throughout your organization.
    Pro tip: Send your United Way staff member a list of your Leadership Givers so we can properly recognize and thank them!
  5. Invite your Leadership Givers and prospects to United Way’s events. Keep an eye out for information and registration in the ECC Insider!

Women's Leadership Society

believes there’s power in being part of something that helps to improve so many people’s lives in the St. Louis region. Our community brings driven women together to address social issues and work to create a solid foundation for our region.

Charmaine Chapman Leadership Society

embodies the culture of caring and giving in the Black community. We empower our members to lift up one another and answer the call to make St. Louis a better place to live for everyone. It’s a part of our culture that to whom much is given, much is expected.

Multicultural Leadership Society

celebrates our region’s diversity by engaging and uniting individuals from all cultures who value the importance of philanthropy. We’re working together to create a community where children and families thrive, neighbors care for each other, and we are proud of the quality of life enjoyed by all.

Men's Leadership Society

brings together members from across our 16-county region to create a unique community of philanthropists dedicated to making our community a better place for all. Members have the opportunity to build relationships with other passionate, community-focused philanthropists.