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The #1 reason people don’t give is because they weren’t asked. Use our tips to help you spread the word and take the first steps to make the ask.



Our research shows a peer-to-peer ask is the most effective way of asking for a pledge. The best part? This can be done in-person or virtually. Figure out what your company’s policies are and reach out to colleagues to make the ask.

Pro tip: Purina uses 100+ associates to make the ask – every department has a recruited ambassador. Even virtually, you can still recruit ambassadors to encourage others to get involved in campaign events and give back.


Share Information About United Way Groups

Leadership Societies

Leadership Societies

United Way has multiple Leadership Societies for your co-workers to join – that are valuable both to the individual and the community. Learn how to plan and incorporate this into your campaign.

United Young Leaders

Young Professionals Group

This group of participants 35 years old and younger, connects the next generation of local leaders through community involvement – a great way to encourage and engage your young leaders. Learn more to start recruiting.


Show how a gift can make an impact:

  • ►  $150 provides transportation to medical appointments for 15 low-income families
  • ►  $500 provides nutritious meals delivered to 30 homebound seniors
  • ►  $750 provides a night of shelter for 37 people without homes
  • ►  $1,000 provides a month’s stay for a mother and her children in a domestic violence shelter


Reach out to retired employees and let them know how meaningful their support still is!

Pro tip: Bayer’s Global Chief Operating Officer, based in St. Louis, personally reaches out to St. Louis area retirees to participate in the Bayer United Way campaign.


Get CEO Buy-In

Position the United Way campaign as a cohesive company and community goal. We are all in this together and standing United to help each other have a stronger community. Have your leadership educate employees on the value they see in this year’s campaign and the goals they hope to achieve.


Use Your Resources

We don’t expect you to know the answer to everything! Some donors may have concerns and questions about how campaign is looking different this year. Read page 26-32 of our resource guide to help you answer tough questions.

Word Hall Of Fame

  • Generous gift
  • Take into consideration
  • Your gift makes a difference in the lives of people in our community.
  • You can make a tremendous impact.
  • With your help,
  • I hope you’ll join your co-workers

Action Items

Download our templated emails and guide to start making the ask!