United Way Campaign 2020 >>

The power of we can mean so much for our community. Now more than ever, we are all connected and what we do now is critical to paving a path to a better future.


We Are All United

2020 has proven to be a year like no other. For all of us, it’s been unexpected. For some, it was more than unexpected, it was devastating. What does our community need right now? Hope. Inspiration. Strength. Compassion. Unity. And now, more than ever, we are all connected.

We need to stand United for a stronger St. Louis region and the people in it. United for health, stability and security.

Thousands of people have lost their jobs, and many are being faced with situations they never thought they’d have to face.

Your company campaign is vital to helping us keep people in their homes, put food on the table, keep the utilities on, find new jobs, and prepare for the future.



We are excited to announce our 2020 campaign leadership! These four spokespersons are regional leaders, focused on making the St. Louis community stronger alongside United Way.


David Steward

Founder and chairman of World Wide Technology

Kathy Osborn

President and CEO of the Regional Business Council

Penny Pennington

Managing partner of Edward Jones

Warner Baxter

Chairman, president and CEO of Ameren Corporation


Every gift makes a difference

One gift can help everyone in our 16-county region in Missouri and Illinois. One gift helps a person put food on the table and another find a safe place to stay. Each person helped, in turn, helps the St. Louis area be a better place to live, work and play.

As an ECC, you can rally your company and co-workers around a cause larger than all of us. We need your leadership to show our community that St. Louis is strong and that our compassion is tremendous.

Action Items

Let’s get planning! Download your customizable campaign calendar.